Lamborghini Urraco S


Lamborghini’s baby bull was officially announced on the 27th October 1970 and known simply as P250, the ‘P’ designating posterior or rear and the ‘250’ the engine capacity of 2.5 litres. In November of 1970 the Urraco as it was now known (and in the tradition of Lamborghini named after a famous fighting bull) was displayed at the Turin Motor Show and there it attracted a huge interest from the motoring world. Bertone’s classic wedge shape receiving critical acclaim at the time.

The early 1970’s were a tough time for Lamborghini and it wasn’t until some two years later in 1972 that the first production cars rolled off the Sant ‘Agata production line. Lamborghini hoped to build the Urraco in big numbers, however, this never eventuated and only 520 of the P250’s were built up until 1975 when the P300 was released.

The Urraco had some teething problems early on and the car unfortunately developed a reputation as unreliable. This was perhaps unfair as once Lamborghini ironed out the bugs the car was in fact a little gem and if properly sorted was a genuine threat to Ferrari’s 308, Maserati’s Merak and the Porsche 911 of the day.

Urracos are rare and finding a fully restored and fully sorted car is extremely difficult. We are therefore genuinely excited to offer this Australian delivered factory right hand drive 1974 Urraco S that is fully restored and fully sorted. The factory records confirm this car was completed on 21 March 1974 and delivered new to Australia. The car has factory air conditioning and was fitted with a sunroof.

Today the car is presented in the fantastic period colour of tahiti blue with a senape interior. It comes with a history file, books and tools and is ready for its new owner to jump in and enjoy.


  • Lamborghini Urraco S
  • 1974
  • Coupe
  • Manual
  • 53858 km
  • 2463cc


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