Ferrari Dino 246GT


Ferrari’s iconic Dino was first shown to the world as a prototype at the 1965 Paris Motor Show. The car morphed into the 206GT of which only 150 cars were built from 1967 to 1969. This car was built with an all alloy body and had a 1987cc V6 engine. In 1969 the 246GT was released, which whilst a similar looking car in many ways was actually quite different. The car sat 3” taller than its predecessor and the body was now built from steel. Mechanically the ‘new car’ was powered by a 2418cc V6 engine. Enzo was keen to tackle Porsche head on and to do this he needed to increase production. The Dino was a hit and circa 4,000 of these cars (both the 246GT and 246 GTS) were built from 1969 to 1974.

Concerned at how the world would accept his lower priced, ‘affordable’ 6 cylinder sports car and concerned that a ‘cheaper car’ may diminish the Ferrari brand, Enzo Ferrari decided the car would not carry the badge of the prancing horse. Rather it simply be known as a ’Dino’ to also commemorate the life of his son who designed the 6 cylinder engine.

Today the world knows the Dino as a Ferrari, and a real one at that! These beautiful little cars are adored by car people across the world and good ones are most sought after.

We are delighted to offer a 1971 Australian delivered Dino that has been restored over a seven year period. In this world one has to be careful when describing cars as ‘the best’, however, this Dino is without doubt ‘the best’ I have ever seen . . . it is absolutely AMAZING!

The owner has spent hours and hours researching and left no stone unturned to ensure the car has been restored back to original. The work has been undertaken by marque experts, initially in Brisbane and more recently in Melbourne.

Following in depth research in to the history of the car we believe it has spent all of its life in Brisbane prior to being acquired by its current owner back in February 2006. It is presented today in its original colour scheme of rosso chiaro with nero trim and is accompanied with books and tools.

When approaching the car you are immediately drawn to the quality of the paintwork, which is outstanding. This is complemented by the crisp and sharp body lines and panel gaps which are excellent. As you would expect all of the brightwork/chrome, trim and lenses are all as new. The decision was made to retain all of the original glass for the car. The quality of the interior, including the vinyl seats, carpets and the instruments and controls match the exterior of the car. The owner was even able to secure some of the original mouse hair material to re-upholster the dash. Mechanically the car has had a full engine, gearbox and suspension rebuild and today the car drives better than new!

The car was a unanimous choice for the winner of the best V6 Ferrari at the recent Ferrari Club of Victoria Concours d’Elegance.

This car will suit the serious Ferrari collector or enthusiast.

The odometer reads 86,024 miles.


  • Ferrai 246 Dino
  • 1971
  • Coupe
  • Manual
  • 86024 miles
  • 2418cc

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