c1896 Benz Velo Vis-a-Vis



–  early history unknown.

–  was displayed in the Dutch National Motor Museum from 1969 until offered for sale at Brooks Auction in the UK in 1993. At that time the car was understood to be from 1897 or 1898. It was sold as c1897 and at that time was green in colour with a tan upholstery.

–  the current owner was the successful bidder at that auction.

–  the car was subsequently imported into Australia and restored.

–  there is a Veteran Car Club of Great Britain ‘Certificate of Date’ on file. This certificate notes the date of the car as 1898, however, other documentation on file from a noted historian suggests the car is 1896.

–  the car has been rallied both internationally and in Australia.

–  multi London to Brighton Rally participant, including the 1998 Commemoration Run.

–  whilst an older restoration the car is still a well presented and driving car.



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  • Benz Velo
  • c1896
  • Vis-a-Vis
  • Manual
  • N/A
  • 1045cc


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