1985 Morgan 4/4 1600


Oldtimer Australia is delighted to offer for sale a 1985 Morgan 4/4 1600.

This Morgan 4/4 was dispatched from the Morgan factory on 17th June 1985 and delivered to Sports Motors in Hale, Cheshire, UK. It is powered by a Ford CVH 1,597cc engine.

A copy of the Morgan order book on file confirms this is a matching numbers example where engine and chassis numbers match the order book entry. The car was delivered in the stunning colour of ‘Jubilee Blue’ with a black interior, a colour scheme that the car still carries today. The car was first registered in Leeds, UK with the registration number B287XNC. The first owner was a doctor who used the car sparingly before selling it in September 1989. The car then founds its way to Nottingham, UK. An MOT certificate on files shows the odometer read around 7,700 miles at that time.

The next owner initially used the car occasionally but in 1992 it was taken off the road in preparation for some improvements. The front and rear wings were removed, the front suspension and inner wings were stripped down and all the items were labelled and stored. The car was then put on stands, with the wheels removed, for the next 5 years. In August 1997 the car was rebuilt and put back on the road. The wings and the cowl were stripped and repainted. The brakes, suspension, steering, engine and transmission were thoroughly checked. Any parts which needed replacing were replaced and the car was then put back together.

In May 1999 the car was offered for sale by Morgan specialists Allon White & Son Ltd in Bedford, UK. At that time the odometer read 12,941 miles. The car sold quickly and its new owner soon immigrated to Australia. He moved here in 2000 and brought the car with him. There is an import approval on file for the car dated 31st March 2000. After having gone through the necessary compliance checks the car was registered in QLD with the registration 75MOG.

The current owner acquired the car in February 2021. In his ownership the carburettors were rebuilt by Carb Tech on the Sunshine Coast and the ignition leads were replaced. He also purchased a folding windscreen conversion kit so he could lower the windscreen and fit the racier looking aero screens.

The current condition of this Morgan 4/4 clearly shows the previous owners have always cherished the car. The odometer currently shows just over 30,000 miles and this is the genuine mileage the car has travelled since it was delivered new back in 1985. It is supported by various MOT and service documents on file.

The car presents really well, particularly considering it’s now 38 years old! The paint on the car is understood to be largely original except for the wings and the cowl as mentioned earlier in this write up. The paint is still in very good condition with a good ‘cut and polish’ could be made to look almost like the day the car left the factory.

Walking around the car it’s hard to find any defects. The stainless-steel bumpers are in good condition and the same can be said for all the lights, the lenses and the windscreen. The badges are also in good condition. Like most Morgans, this car is fitted with the rear accessory rack

When the car arrived at our showroom the seats were fitted with sheepskin seat covers. We removed them and were surprised to find the seats were still in perfect condition. There is no evidence of any rips or tears and the seats still provide ample support. As you would expect in a Morgan, the dashboard is very basic with only the strictly necessary instruments present. They are all in good condition and on our test drive we found them all to be in working order.

The car is fitted with a soft top and side curtains which appear to have been hardly used if at all. Both fit well very well and are in excellent condition. There is also a tonneau cover which fits well.

The wheels are painted wire wheels which are shod with Vitour Galaxy 165R15 tyres which are date stamped 0121 (week 1, 2021).

Out on the road this Morgan is an easy car to drive. Whilst it lacks the raw power of the Plus 8, the 4/4 has more than enough power to make it a very usable classic. Initially it is actually a bit strange to drive a car which looks and feels like a 1940’s or even 1950’s car, but with a more modern engine in it. When you start the car you are expecting MG TC but you get a business like and smoother sound from a 1980’s engine. Out on the open road this car performs well and it is surprisingly very smooth to drive. The five speed gearbox is a perfect match for the engine and the gear changes are smooth up and down the box.

We’re not sure that ‘refined’ is a word you would associate with a Morgan, but there is no doubt that the 1980’s Morgans are noticeably more refined than the 1970’s Morgans. As a result, this Morgan 4/4 is a very usable car that is easy to live with and great fun to drive.

The car has been recently serviced and is ready for its next owner to use and enjoy.

Accompanying the car is the wet weather gear as noted above along with a tool kit, jack, some spare parts, owner’s manual, workshop manual, a Hayne’s Guide for the Ford CVH engine, a  Hayne’s Guide for the Ford Escort and excellent history file.


  • Matching numbers low mileage example of a quintessential British sports car.
  • Documented 4 owners from new.
  • Unique and fabulous colour combination.
  • Excellent history file.



Morgan is one of the most unique and iconic motoring brands of all time.  This British family-owned company was founded in 1910 by Henry Frederick Stanley Morgan. Henry Morgan used to work for the Great Western Railway but quit his job in 1904 to pursue his passion for the automobile. He co-founded a motor sales and servicing garage in Malvern Link and in 1909 he designed and built his first car.  A year later production started and the company prospered. A little-known fact is that Henry Morgan had developed the first independent front suspension a few years earlier.

The first Morgans were all three wheelers. Production grew fast and by the start of World War I around a thousand Morgan three wheelers had been produced. World War I put a stop to the production but it resumed quickly thereafter. It wasn’t until 1935 that Morgan produced its first four-wheel car. It was named the 4/4, meaning four wheels and four cylinders.

The first 4/4, introduced in 1936 was an open two seater which was initially powered by a 1,122cc Coventry Climax engine producing 34hp and later by a 1,267cc Standard special engine producing 38.8hp. The first series remained in production through until 1950 and 1,720 examples were built. It was then superseded by the Series II which was powered by a 1,172cc Ford engine. The Series II remained in production through until 1960 and 386 examples were built. The subsequent Series III model was only in production for two years, 1960 and 1961 with just 58 cars built. 114 examples of the Series IV were built before it was superseded by the Series V in 1963. The series V remained in production for 5 years and was powered by the same engine as used in the Ford Cortina, a 1,498cc engine which produced 65hp.

In 1968 the Morgan 4/4 1600 was introduced. With the 4/4 1600 the buyers were given a choice of either a two seater or a four seater model. The 4/4 1600 was a great success for Morgan and it remained in production through until 1993 and a total of 5,448 were made. During its production, the 4/4 1600 was powered by a variety of Ford engines and a Fiat twin cam engine.

The 4/4 remained in production through until 2018 making it the longest running production model in the world.


  • -
  • Morgan 4/4 1600
  • 1985
  • Roadster
  • Manual
  • 30,108 miles
  • 1,597cc


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