1983 Lamborghini Jalpa


The Lamborghini Jalpa is the last evolution of the classic and underrated Lamborghini V8’s. The first of the V8’s was the Urraco which was first shown to the public at the 1970 Turin Motor Show. The car was finally introduced back in 1973 then running a 2.5 litre engine. It was designated as Urraco P250.  The Urraco was soon upgraded with a 3.0 litre engine with other subtle enhancements and the first P300’s were built in 1975. The model was then given a cosmetic make over and the Silhouette was born in 1976. The final iteration and last of the V8 engined Lamborghinis was the Jalpa (pronounced “Yawl-pa”).

The Jalpa, whose name was taken from a breed of fighting bull, had a roomy cockpit and the targa roof really made it comfortable for taller drivers, in warmer climates at least. The body was a clever and more aggressive update of the Silhouette’s Bertone styling, with colour-coded spoilers, integrated wheelarch flares covering bigger 16-inch alloy wheels and the removable roof panel ensuring the Jalpa still looked fresh when production ceased in 1988. Many were fitted with a rear wing similar to that of its big brother the Countach. The engine was increased to 3.5 litre capacity giving the Jalpa 255hp @ 7000rpm and quoted performance figures of a top speed of 250 km/hr and 0-100 km/hr in 6.5 seconds.

This baby bull is a very rare car with only 410 built in a production spanning seven years from 1982 through to 1988. Of these it is understood that only 35 left the factory as right hand rive and perhaps there are 10 in Australia.

The Jalpa on offer is in excellent condition. The car is chassis number ZA9J00000DLA12076 and is confirmed to be a factory right hand drive example that was delivered new to South Africa. Being a 1983 production car it is one of the first cars (and understood to be the first right hand drive car) to leave the Sant’ Agata factory with the more contemporary round tail lights, as well as having  been fitted with a steel targa roof and having its engine lid and side air cowel/ducts colour coded.  It is also fitted with the rarer, sportier Raid three spoke steering wheel.

The car is understood to have had four owners in South Africa before it was acquired and imported into Australia in January 2013. Since arriving in Australia its enthusiastic owner has lavished the car and had it regularly maintained and generally improved its condition. He had the car stripped and repainted in June/July 2013.

The only issue worth mentioning with the body is a small hole where an extravagant “S” badge has been removed from the tail of the car!

Today the car presents fabulously and its almost new paint remains in excellent condition. The car is also structurally excellent and the underside of the car is as clean as the top! All of glass, trim and fittings are also correct and in excellent condition all round. The interior of the car is also correct and original save for the seats and door cards which look to have been recoloured. The seats are starting to show some patina but they are not cracked or split.

Where it starts to get exciting is when you turn they key. The engine starts first time and quickly settles into a smooth idle. On the road the car has plenty of power and the engine pulls strongly through the gears. Importantly the synchros are good and the gear change slick for a transversely mounted engine. The car is tight on the road with no rattles or squeaks and it does everything it should with aplomb.

Prior to the car being acquired in South Africa it underwent a thorough pre purchase inspection by Lamborghini specialists and the car received a clean bill of health. The car was in fact well known to Lamborghini who serviced it from day one in South Africa. It was noted as having a complete engine rebuild in circa 2008 though there are no receipts on file to confirm this.

The car comes with an Owner’s Manual, Parts Book and two sets of original keys.

In summary this is a correct, well maintained and beautifully presented example.


  • Lamborghini Jalpa
  • 1983
  • Sports
  • Manual
  • 98127 km
  • 3485 cc


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