1982 Mercedes Benz 380SL


Following the outbreak of the first word war in 1914 Europe’s car industry was decimated. In Germany both Daimler and Benz went back to producing cars post war, however, times were tough. A merger between Daimler and Benz would ensure that both companies survived and following a technical co-operation agreement in 1924 the companies formally merged on the 1st July 1926. Mercedes Benz was born!

Subsequently Mercedes Benz went on to build some of the greatest cars of all time. The cars from Stuttgart bearing the three pointed star all had one thing in common . . . they were renowned for their technical innovation, build quality, luxury and performance.

In the 1950’s Mercedes Benz produced one of the greatest cars of all time – the iconic 300SL Gullwing and 300SL Roadster. Whilst fabulous cars, they were very expensive and generally sold to the rich and famous. Mercedes wanted to build a sporting luxury car that still looked classical in the mould of the 300SL, but it had to be affordable and the plan was to build such a car in far greater numbers than the exclusive 300SL’s. Enter the Type W121 or 190SL as it became known in the mid 1950’s. This model was an outstanding success and circa 25,000 cars were built over the next 8 years of production. The formula worked and Mercedes Benz carried it on with great success in the 1960’s with the Type W112 230SL/250SL/280SL models. This evolved into the Type R107/C107 280SL(C)/350SL(C)/380SL(C)/450SL(C) models built throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s.

In recent years the demand for these cars has skyrocketed, though the later cars have remained relatively affordable compared to the Type W112 models and present an excellent buying opportunity in today’s market.

Oldtimer Australia is delighted to offer for sale a 1982 Mercedes Benz 380SL. This particular car is an Australian delivered, factory right hand drive example that was sold through Sanderson Motors in Rose Bay (Sydney) in February 1983. This car has had one owner for the majority of its life. Its first owner lived in Sydney and then moved to the Sunshine Coast circa 2005. The car was sold a few years ago to a neighbour who on sold the car to Oldtimer Australia to fund a business venture. The car was quickly sold into Melbourne and later acquired back by Oldtimer Australia.

This car is fully ‘matching numbers’ as confirmed by the factory data card. It is finished in a fabulous original colour scheme of red with a black interior which really suits the car. There are always high mileage driver quality 380SL’s on the market, however, cars such as this example which is a relatively low mileage, totally original and unmolested ‘time capsule’ are very rare. This car has the best set of books you could find on a classic car! It has a fully stamped service book with an impeccable service history which fully documents the mileage of 169,737 kilometres. The wallet has all the books including Owner’s Manual, Maintenance Booklet (Service Book), Service Stations Booklet and Owner’s Emission Systems Manual. There is also the Becker Autoradio Manual, Operating Instructions, Guarantee Booklet, Service Booklet and ‘new’ demonstration cassette tape! And . . . even the original tags for the cruise control and stereo. They are all MINT.

Today this car presents and drives beautifully. It is hard to believe it is a 36 year ‘young’ car!

The paint has a high gloss and is exceptional for its age. It is extensively original with the odd paint touch up evident and perhaps the boot has been repainted. There is the odd blemish or stone chip evident also, but you have to look hard! The wheels have recently been repainted and the car is running a brand new set of tyres. All of the exterior trim, chrome, glass and lenses are also in very very good condition. The interior is in excellent condition, consistent with the rest of the car. The timber is ‘just lovely’ and the upholstery has no rips or tears and is unmarked. All of the instruments and controls are also in excellent condition and are in working order. The A/C blows ice cold air.

The soft top looks to have been rarely used, however, it is in average condition. As a result of being ‘tucked away’ for many many years the clear window is showing some signs of yellowing and has a small hole in it. Therefore, it should be replaced to have the condition of the soft top bought up to the condition of the rest of the car. There is also the odd imperfection in the fabric but it is generally in very good condition.

Turn the key and the car starts immediately and it idles smoothly. This Benz drives as well as it looks. Select drive and off you go, effortlessly, it just glides down the road mile after mile. The car accelerates strongly, the automatic gearbox shifts up and down smoothly and the car steers and stops exactly as one would expect. We took the car for a run from Brisbane to Toowoomba and return recently and it was an absolute delight to drive. The car performed faultlessly.

This Mercedes Benz 380SL has recently been ‘gone through and sorted’ by a classic Mercedes Benz specialist and all it needs now is a new owner to use and enjoy it!

The car has two sets of original keys, the original jack and an unused spare wheel.

This would have to be the best example available in Australia.


–  an Australian delivered (Sanderson Motors, Rose Bay, Sydney), factory RHD example.

–  matching numbers car as confirmed by the factory data card.

–  a totally original and unmolested ‘time capsule’.

–  fabulous original colour scheme of red with a black interior.

–  hard top / soft top.

–  hard top stand.

–  two sets of original keys, the original jack and an unused spare wheel.

–  full books including the original tags for the cruise control and stereo. They are all MINT.

–  fully stamped service book showing impeccable service history.

–  documented mileage of 169,737 km.

–  one owner car for the majority of its life.

–  a beautifully presented car in fabulous original condition.

–  the car starts easily and drives as well as it looks.

–  the car has just been ‘gone through and sorted’ by a classic Mercedes Benz specialist and all it now needs is a new owner to use it and enjoy it!





  • -
  • Mercedes Benz 380SL
  • 1982
  • Convertible
  • Auto
  • 169737 km
  • 3818 cc


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