1973 Ferrari Dino 246GT (with Campagnolo wheels & wing flares)


Apple, Coco-Cola, McDonalds and Nike are brands recognisable the world over. So is Ferrari and interestingly the iconic Italian luxury sports car manufacturer was named ‘The World’s Strongest Brand’ in the 2019 Brand Finance Global 500 Report.

Founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1939 out of Alfa Romeo’s race division as Auto Avio Costruzioni the company built its first car in 1940. The Second World War halted Ferrari’s dream, which was finally realised in 1947, when the first car bearing his name, the Ferrari 125S, was built. From that day on Ferrari race cars dominated the world over, winning race after race and many world championships in Formula One, sports car racing and endurance racing. Ferrari built exclusive sports cars for the road too, but in the early days, this was primarily to fund his motor racing!

The Cavallino Rampate or ‘prancing horse’ was the symbol chosen by Ferrari and like the ‘golden arches’ it is recognised by just about every man, woman and child on the planet!

The Ferrari road cars from the 1940’s and early to mid-1950’s were built in very small numbers and it was not until the introduction of the 250 series cars that production numbers increased. Almost 1,000 Ferrari 250 GTE’s were built from 1959 – 1963. The 250 series also produced some of the most special Ferraris ever built, including the Ferrari 250LM, 250 SWB, 250 California Spider and of course the 250 GTO. The 250 series cars were superseded by the 275 series cars, the 330 series cars and later the 365 series cars. The nomenclature designated the cubic capacity of each cylinder. So a Ferrari 330 was powered by a 12 cylinder engine of 3967 cc capacity. Ferrari’s iconic Dino was first shown to the world as a prototype at the 1965 Paris Motor Show. The car morphed into the 206GT of which only 150 cars were built from 1967 to 1969. This car was built with an all alloy body and had a 1987cc V6 engine. In 1969 the 246GT was released, which whilst a similar looking car in many ways was actually quite different. The car sat 3” taller than its predecessor and the body was now built from steel. Mechanically the ‘new car’ was powered by a 2418cc V6 engine. Enzo was keen to tackle Porsche head on and to do this he needed to increase production. The Dino was a hit and circa 4,000 of these cars (both the 246GT and 246 GTS) were built from 1969 to 1974.

Concerned at how the world would accept his lower priced, ‘affordable’ 6 cylinder sports car and concerned that a ‘cheaper car’ may diminish the Ferrari brand, Enzo Ferrari decided the car would not carry the badge of the prancing horse. Rather it would simply be known as a ‘Dino’ to also commemorate the life of his son who designed the 6 cylinder engine.

Today the world knows the Dino as a Ferrari, and a real one at that! These beautiful cars are adored by car people across the world and good ones are most sought after.

Oldtimer Australia is delighted to offer for sale a ‘very special’ 1973 Ferrari Dino 246GT. This is an extremely rare Dino with the Campagnolo wheels, wing flares and leather Dino seats. The term ‘chairs and flares’ is used for a Dino with Daytona style seats and the Campagnolo wheels and wing flares. It is often incorrectly assumed that the ‘chairs and flares’ option was a factory combination that had to be ordered together, however, this was not the case. The ‘flares’ option could be ordered with standard Dino vinyl seats, leather Dino seats or Daytona style seats.

It is understood that Ferrari only built 22 factory right hand drive Dinos with the Campagnolo wheels and wing flares. This is most likely the only example in Australia and the only example finished in ‘oro chiaro’, which itself is a rare and unique colour for a Dino.

This car was ordered new by Mr Gregory Nathan who was an Australian living in London at the time. There is a copy of an original order for the car on file dated 17th September 1973 noting that the car was to be delivered on ‘EE’ plates and ‘Free Italian Border’ confirming the car was effectively a ‘tourist delivery’ for Mr Nathan. The car had its first and second service at Maranello Concessionaires in the UK on the 15th October 1973. Mr Nathan subsequently imported the car into Sydney NSW. It was sold shortly thereafter to prestige car dealer Brents of Oakleigh in Melbourne and registered in Victoria as IET308.

The car’s second owner acquired this Dino on the 27th May 1975 and it remained in the same family for the next 37 years! The car was used and enjoyed early in his ownership before being parked up in 1985.

The car was ultimately sold in October 2012 to a well-known classic car enthusiast in Melbourne who had the car totally refreshed mechanically. When the car was removed from storage it was an incredible ‘time capsule’ with extensively original paint, original trim and it had only 29,443 km on the odometer. The mechanical refresh was entrusted to respected classic car specialists Historic & Vintage in Melbourne. There are receipts on file for in excess of $100,000 and the car was totally rebuilt mechanically. The brief was to maintain the originality of the car but to ensure it was mechanically sorted so it could reliably be used and enjoyed.

The car was often seen at various classic car events or rallies in Victoria before it was sold in late 2016 to its next Sydney based owner. The car changed hands again in September 2017 when it was sold through Duttons in Melbourne to its current Brisbane based owner. Only a change in his circumstances has resulted in this rare and unique Dino being offered for sale.

Today the car presents well, though as expected the paint shows some patina and it has some light crows feet and cracking in places. The most noticeable defects are ‘a few small dents and paint discolouration’ on the nose and some panel damage to the right door and right hand front guard caused in a minor incident back in the mid 1970’s. From say a meter the paint still presents pretty well. The wheels and all of the exterior trim, chrome and the glass are in good condition, showing some light patina.

Inside the cabin the interior is in exceptionally good condition. The leather has preserved beautifully and the seats and door cards present well with no damage, rips or tears. Similarly the dash, steering wheel, instruments and controls are also very well presented. Even the carpets are in good condition. The car retains its original Voxson 8 track stereo which is a nice touch.

Under the front of the car, the spare wheel area is always a good indicator of how well a Dino has been kept. They are often quite ‘untidy’ here and on this car everything is in very good condition. Similarly, the boot remains in good original condition.

Once you’re behind the wheel you quickly feel right at home in a Dino. For an Italian sports car it is comfortable, ergonomically ‘pretty good’ and the visibility is excellent. After priming the Weber carburettors and three pumps on the accelerator this car starts first time at the turn of the key. It immediately settles into a smooth idle whilst it warms up. Then after a few minutes you are on your way. It is immediately evident that the engine is ‘on song’ and the car pulls strongly through the rev range. The car performs as one would expect. This Dino is tight on the road with no rattles or squeaks, it handles beautifully and the brakes pull the car up precisely. Not surprisingly, it drives exceptionally well given the major mechanical works undertaken back in 2013.

The car has had a Ferrari Classiche inspection completed back in August 2017 and the process for certification has commenced.

This car will not suit someone who is ‘just looking for a Dino’. Being a factory right hand drive example with Campagnolo wheels, wing flares and leather Dino seats, it is rare and unique. Additionally, there were not many Dinos originally finished in ‘oro chiaro’. According to Matthias Bartz’ Dino Compendium, there were only 33 cars produced in total. In addition to the specification, what makes this car unique is its originality. Today the odometer reads 37,846 km and as noted previously it is an incredible ‘time capsule’ with extensively original paint and original trim.

This Dino has a known history from new with a good history file, its original Dino jack, wheel chocks, some miscellaneous parts and its original tin of ‘oro chiaro’ touch up paint which is noted as a special order on the original purchase invoice!

Oldtimer Australia has had the privilege to sell a number of Ferrari Dinos over the years and this one is perhaps the most unique. Its specification (being a factory RHD example with Campagnolo wheels, wing flares and leather Dino seats), history, provenance, originality and overall condition make it something special.


  • A factory right hand drive example that has been in Australia since 1975.
  • Rare specification, being a factory RHD example with Campagnolo wheels, wing flares and leather Dino seats.
  • The car remained in single family ownership for 37 years from 1975 through until 2012.
  • In excess of $100,000 spent on the car with a mechanical refresh in 2013.
  • Confirmed as fully ‘matching numbers’.
  • The car looks to have original paint and original trim.
  • Finished in a unique and stunning colour of ‘oro chiaro’.
  • The car has only travelled circa 38,000 km from new.
  • An incredible ‘time capsule’



  • -
  • Ferrari Dino 246GT
  • 1973
  • Coupe
  • Manual
  • 37,846 km
  • 2419cc


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