1973 Ferrari Dino 246 GT


Ferrari’s iconic Dino was first shown to the world as a prototype at the 1965 Paris Motor Show. The car morphed into the 206GT of which only 150 cars were built from 1967 to 1969. This car was built with an all alloy body and had a 1987cc V6 engine. In 1969 the 246GT was released, which whilst a similar looking car in many ways was actually quite different. The car sat 3” taller than its predecessor and the body was now built from steel. Mechanically the ‘new car’ was powered by a 2418cc V6 engine. Enzo was keen to tackle Porsche head on and to do this he needed to increase production. The Dino was a hit and circa 4,000 of these cars (both the 246GT and 246 GTS) were built from 1969 to 1974.

Concerned at how the world would accept his lower priced, ‘affordable’ 6 cylinder sports car and concerned that a ‘cheaper car’ may diminish the Ferrari brand, Enzo Ferrari decided the car would not carry the badge of the prancing horse. Rather it would simply be known as a ’Dino’ to also commemorate the life of his son who designed the 6 cylinder engine.

Today the world knows the Dino as a Ferrari, and a real one at that! These beautiful little cars are adored by car people across the world and good ones are most sought after.

We are delighted to offer for sale a 1973 Australian delivered, factory right hand drive Ferrari Dino 246GT. The car has been confirmed as a fully matching numbers example – the chassis, engine and body numbers all match. This Dino was supplied by the factory in March 1973 and it was originally finished in ‘Blu Dino Metallizzato’ (106-A-72) with a beige vinyl interior. The Dino has its original book set, including the most often missing warranty card which notes a delivery date of 29 Apr 1974.

The car is listed in the Ferrari Dino 246 Registry and it has been recorded in the Ferrari Club Australia records from the first Register published in 1986/87. From this information and the car’s history file it is most likely this Dino had two owners until 1989. Thereafter one long term owner is noted in the car’s history. The Dino was acquired by a Melbourne based collector in c2011 before being sold to a friend of his, the current owner in 2013.

This particular car is a very original and unmolested example. The car looks to have had a repaint at some stage, however, the car’s interior looks to be original.

This Dino has been looked after by John Allen since the mid 1990’s and there are receipts on file from 2011 as follows:

07/11/2011 – 60,683 miles – sort out engine running issues

28/08/2012 – 61,013 miles – miscellaneous mechanical works, including engine, brakes, suspension and more.

10/07/2014 – 62,118 miles – major service, miscellaneous mechanical works and more.

16/01/2015 – 62,908 miles – service and miscellaneous mechanical works.

For all of the above work there are receipts on file totalling c$35,000.

Today the car presents and drives really well. It is so refreshing to have an original blue Dino that is still blue today. In fact we understand that this car has always been blue and therefore never been turned into ‘another red Dino’! Not that we mind a red Dino, but originality is rare these days and most refreshing!

Today the odometer reads 65,535 miles, which is most likely genuine given the originality and condition of the interior of the car.

The Ferrari Dino 246 is a car that can wear just about any colour, however, the metallic blue on the Dino is absolutely STUNNING. The paintwork is vibrant, though there are a number of blemishes and stone chips evident on closer inspection. Most notably the lower left side of the car, particularly the sill has some gravel rash. From say a metre the car presents very well as you will see from the photographs. All of the exterior trim, badges, chrome and glass are in good condition, though the front windscreen has a small crack on the lower left hand side. Inside the cockpit of this Dino is just ‘a nice place to be’. Everything looks to be original, including the dash which is in remarkable condition for a forty five year old car. There is a just the right amount of patina which is a testament to how well this car has been looked after.  Under the front of the car, the spare wheel area is always a good indicator of how well a Dino has been kept. They are often quite ‘untidy’ here and on this car everything is in very good condition.

The car starts easily and idles smoothly whilst it warms up. Then after a few minutes you are on your way. It is immediately evident that the engine is ‘on song’ and the car pulls strongly through the rev range. The car performs as one would expect. This Dino is tight on the road with no rattles or squeaks, it handles beautifully and the brakes pull the car up precisely.

The car is fitted with correct Michelin XWX tyres.


–  an Australian delivered, factory RHD, fully matching numbers example.

–  a fabulous original colour scheme of ‘Blu Dino Metallizzato’ (106-A-72) with a beige vinyl interior.

–  a very original and unmolested Dino.

–  a car known to the Australian Ferrari Club for most of its life.

–  the odometer reads 65,535 miles, which is most likely genuine.

–  books in the correct leather wallet, including the original warranty card for the car.

–  original jack.



  • -
  • Ferrari Dino 246 GT
  • 1973
  • Coupe
  • Manual
  • 65535 miles
  • 2418cc


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