1971 Ford Capri 3000GT V6


Ford is one of the most recognisable brands on the planet and arguably the most successful motor company of all time. To most people, when you mention ‘Ford’ they think of ‘the family sedan’, however, the company has always been an innovator and real ‘car guys’ recognise and appreciate Ford’s achievements. The Model T, of course, pioneered mass production and was one of the most significant motor vehicles ever built. In 1964, Ford introduced the Mustang which launched a new era of ‘pony class’ American muscle cars. It went on to become a legend. Think motorsport and Ford has done it all. The GT40 is perhaps Ford’s crowning glory and after a few false starts, they swept aside Enzo’s red racers to dominate at Le Mans, winning the event in 1966, 1967, 1968 and 1969.  In Australia and England, Ford has been very successful in Touring Cars. Ford, through its racing division Cosworth, was an engine supplier to Formula One and Indy cars for many years, achieving great success. Ford was also a pioneer in rallying and it has been competing in the World Rally Championship (WRC) since its inception in 1973. Cars such as the Ford Escort and in more recent times the Ford Focus have enjoyed great success around the world.

Ford produced some ‘cool cars’ in the 1950’s and 1960’s. One of their best was the Capri, which was often referred to as a `mini-Mustang. The initial concept is understood to have begun in 1964, however, it wasn’t until very late 1968 that the first cars were built. The Capri was first shown at the 1969 Brussels Motor Show with the very first cars delivered in the UK shortly thereafter. Capris were built in many different countries around the world and were an outstanding success for Ford.  The first Capris (designated 1600GT) were sold in Australia in mid 1969 and these cars were powered by Ford’s 1599cc 4 cylinder engine generating around 98 bhp. The car was very popular in Australia. Everyone loved the distinctive styling, but many craved more power.  In February 1970 the Ford Capri GT V6 3000 was introduced in Australia. The new model was powered by a Ford 2994cc V6 engine that generated around 144 bhp.  Around 3,000 Ford Capri 3000GT V6’s were sold in Australia, with production ceasing in late 1972. Interestingly all Australian Capris were assembled from UK sourced knockdown kits at Fords Homebush plant in Sydney, NSW.

Oldtimer Australia is delighted to offer for a sale an Australian market 1971 Ford Capri 3000GT V6.

The Australian compliance plate is dated 2/71. This car is the ‘real deal’ and it comes from Mark’s personal collection.  The ID plate, stamped chassis number and engine number all match. The car’s original colour scheme, as noted on the ID plate, was colour code “I” (jewel green) with trim code “S” (light saddle – vinyl) which is how the car is presented today. This car is a very original and unmolested Ford Capri 3000GT V6. The only change from the original specification is that at some stage a Toyota 5 speed gear box has been fitted to the car. This car was originally an automatic (confirmed by the ID tag) and the original BW35 transmission, shifter and pedal box will come with the car. Importantly there were no body modifications done when the manual gearbox was installed.

This car has had a major body restoration and repaint job in c2011.  It has never been damaged but had some rust in the usual spots such as the A pillar, bonnet edge and lower wheel arches.  All rust was professionally removed and replacement sections where cut from a donor shell and welded in. The car was then resprayed in its original ‘jewel green’ (acrylic) with satin black GT blackouts. Even though the interior was well kept, the owner decided to fit new carpet, parcel shelf and switches.

This car was acquired in May 2016 from a deceased estate and it has known ownership back to the 1980’s.

Today the car presents superbly.  The paintwork remains fresh and vibrant and no issues have surfaced after 8 years. Whilst colour is a personal preference we think that jewel green is about as good as it gets for a Capri. Let the photos do the talking here! All of the decals, external trim, chrome, glass and wheels are also in very good condition. The wheels are the ‘Contessa’ Minilite look which was a factory option.

This Capri has been used sparingly in the last 8 years.  The car runs and drives well though it does take a little while to warm up and run smoothly.  It will be serviced and tuned prior to delivery. The engine bay is very clean and the Allan Moffatt signature on the air cleaner is a nice touch for Ford tragics! The often replaced Weber 40 carburettor remains in place.

The odometer reads 98,009 miles.

Ford Capri 3000GT V6’s are rare cars today and finding them in such stunning, original and unmolested condition is hard. These are ‘very cool’ cars and surely great value when compared to the Holden GTR XU-1.



  • -
  • Ford Capri 3000GT V6
  • 1971
  • Coupe
  • Manual
  • 98009 miles
  • 2994cc


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