1970 Lamborghini Miura P400 S ***Rare and Unique Opportunity***


Oldtimer Australia is excited to offer for sale an Australian delivered, factory right hand drive 1970 Lamborghini Miura P400 S.

According to the factory records, this particular car was dispatched on the 19th October 1970. As a late model P400 S this car has ventilated disc brakes and other improvements developed throughout the Miura production. It was also delivered with the optional and highly desirable factory air conditioning.

This car was originally finished in ‘verde miura’ (lime green), however, before it left the factory an order had come through from Australia for a blue Miura.  So as was the way ‘back in the day’ the car was simply sent back down the production line and blue was painted over the original lime green.

The car’s first owner was Sydney based property developer Ernie Tomasiello. This car was essentially his ‘daily driver’ and it was often seen at building sites around Sydney in the early 1970’s. What a sight that must have been!

Tomasiello enjoyed his Miura for a number of years and clocked up 28,000 km in the car during his ownership. There is a copy of an advert on file from when he was selling the car stating his Miura needed to be sold to make way for a Countach!

The car was subsequently sold through dealer John Gigante. It was understood that Gigante painted the car red before he sold it in c1976. This Miura’s second owner was also Sydney based and the car resided in the eastern suburbs before being sold in December 1978 to a well-known Sydney based jeweller. The car remained in continuous ownership for the next eighteen years before being acquired by its current owner in November 1996. At that time the odometer read 50,230 km.

The current owner and former Lamborghini Club of Australia president used and enjoyed this Miura for many years and it was often seen at Club events.

By the early 2000’s the car’s owner decided it was due for a mechanical refresh. Australia’s leading classic Lamborghini specialist, Carle Rheinberger, was given the task to fully rebuild the engine and gearbox. The mechanicals were totally stripped and the engine was rebuilt with a new crankshaft (sourced from the factory), new liners, new pistons and other components as necessary. These early Lamborghini V12 engine blocks were often porous so great attention was given to ensure the major components were sealed using Loctite. All the mechanical work was completed by mid 2002 and the car was used sparingly thereafter.

In 2017 the owner decided to complete a major restoration of the car. Respected classic car specialist Tim Doyle from Zoo Autocraft in Bowral, NSW started the project in June 2017. The car was disassembled and the body and chassis was stripped to bare metal. The car was repainted by AA Panelcraft in Bowral. The big decision was what colour to the paint the car. After much deliberation, the owner decided that the car should be painted exactly the way it left the Sant’Agata factory back in October 1970. Yes, it was blue, but the owner wanted it ‘exactly’ as it would have left the factory, so it was painted ‘verde miura’ and the final blue was painted over the top of the lime green. The interior was completely retrimmed by City Auto Trimming in Sydney. All the materials were supplied by Lamborghini Polo Storico to ensure the correct materials were used and they match what was stipulated in the original factory records.

Given the engine and gearbox were rebuilt only 5,000 km ago another rebuild was not required. Everything mechanical was checked and anything that needed to be done was done. All of the brakes, suspension, steering, engine ancillaries and the electrical side was overhauled, repaired or replaced as required. The rebuild went down to a nut and bolt level and a significant amount of time went into researching the correct details and finishes for every component.

The end result is absolutely STUNNING and the car is a credit to everyone involved in the project.

The car was ‘finished’ just in time to be shown at the 2020 Sydney Harbour Concours d’Elegance. Not surprisingly, it was the unanimous winner for ‘Best in Show’. Following some post restoration fettling, the car was taken to Auto Italia in Canberra in April 2021 where it won ‘Best in Show’. In October 2022 the car was shown at Motorclassica in Melbourne where it won the hotly contested 110 Years of Bertone Class.

Today this extraordinary motor car presents as a freshly restored car. The ‘blu’ paintwork is exceptional with no obvious defects. The paint presents with a strong depth of colour and it retains a mirror like gloss finish. The devil is in the detail of Gandini’s masterpiece and the satin black finished eyelashes, front vents, bumpers, rear louvers, rear badges and other trim pieces are all in excellent condition and provide a perfect colour contrast. The silver sills, chrome trim, lights and lenses are also in excellent condition. The glass also presents very well.

The trademark Campagnolo Miura wheels are a work of art themselves and present beautifully with no marks evident. The wheels are shod with correct Michelin XWX 215/70 VR15 tyres all around.

Opening the delicate Miura doors presents an equally magnificent interior, finished in its original colour of ‘nero’ (black). The first thing you notice are the air conditioning controls mounted on top of the dash on the passenger’s side. From the rocker switches mounted on the roof to the gated gear lever to the sculptured seats, like the exterior the level of detail inside the cabin is quite something. Everything presents beautifully.

There is nothing quite like a Lamborghini Miura opened up. Not surprisingly, everything underneath presents as well as it does on top. Under the front clip you will see the exposed chassis, front suspension, steering rack, radiator, fans, battery, other mechanical components and of course the spare wheel. Under the rear clip sits the transversely mounted 3,946cc V12 engine.

Whilst one could sit and stare at a Lamborghini Miura forever, these cars are made to be driven. The driving position is relatively comfortable and the visibility is surprisingly good. The view out the front windscreen is highlighted by the top of the guards, similar to what you see sitting behind the wheel of a Ferrari Dino 246.

So how does this car perform out on the open road? Our first start of the car was with a warm engine, which fired at the first turn of the key. With the twelve cylinder mechanical symphony sitting just behind your head this car evokes extra sensory overload. The sound makes even the most seasoned ‘car guy’ weak at the knees. The engine in this car pulls strongly through the rev range with no hesitation. The gear change requires a firm hand but it is direct. The synchros work well and the changes up and down the box are smooth. The car handles, steers and stops as you would expect.

Whilst ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, the videos we have created for this car really put you in the driver’s seat and provide a wonderful feel for how this car runs and drives.

Importantly, this 1970 Lamborghini Miura P400 S has the most impeccable history and provenance. It is well documented in Simon Kidston’s definitive book, The Lamborghini Miura Book / The Lamborghini Miura Register. There are copies of the original factory build sheets on file, which are a fantastic addition to a car of this calibre. It is worth mentioning that even on the original build sheets the colour ‘verde’ is crossed out and replaced with ‘blu’!

In addition to the build sheets, there is a thick history file that includes documentation back to the 1970’s, detailed receipts and photos from the restoration work as well as the original Lamborghini pouch which contains an original owner’s manual and a dealer booklet.

Accompanying the car is a jack and tool kit.

At the time of photographing, the odometer showed 64,303 km.

The Lamborghini Miura is a true world market collector grade car and is a ‘must have’ for any serious high end car collector.

The opportunity to acquire a Lamborghini Miura doesn’t come along very often. The opportunity to purchase this Australian delivered, factory right hand drive late model Lamborghini Miura P400S is a once in a life time opportunity.


  • A very rare Australia delivered, factory RHD example.
  • Desirable late production Miura P400 S with ventilated disc brakes and optional A/C.
  • Stunning and unique original colour combination.
  • Magnificently restored.
  • Impeccable history and provenance.
  • Ready to show, use and enjoy.

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The Lamborghini story is fascinating in itself but for the company to have survived all these years and indeed to be celebrating its 60th Anniversary in 2013 is quite amazing. Ferruccio Lamborghini was an entrepreneur, a very successful businessman and a lover of the finer things in life, including sports cars. He was fortunate enough to own some wonderful cars including Ferraris, however, he found fault with them all. According to the legend, following a meeting with Enzo Ferrari to discuss some of the shortcomings of his cars, Enzo dismissed Ferruccio and he subsequently decided that he could and would build a better car.

Not long after, in May 1963, Automobili Ferruccio Lamborghini SPA was established and the small town of Sant’Agata Bolognese, located between Modena and Bologna, was chosen as the location to build the factory. Born under the Zodiac sign Taurus, Lamborghini chose the raging bull as the emblem for his sports cars.

Lamborghini knew what he wanted and he put together a highly skilled team. His first car, the 350 GTV, was shown at the Turin Motor Show in October 1963. This car received mixed reviews, however, Lamborghini was not deterred and made a number of improvements and design changes to the original concept. The first Lamborghini production car, the 350 GT, left the factory in 1964.

The 350 GT evolved into the 400 GT 2+2 and later the Islero. In parallel to building these classic front engine V12 GT cars, Lamborghini wanted to build a supercar. Enter the Miura, which was first shown as a rolling chassis at the Turin Motor Show in November 1965.

Fast track to the 1966 Geneva Motor Show and the stunning Bertone designed Miura was officially released to critical acclaim. The Miura is considered by many to be the first real ‘supercar’. The first model was known as the P400, followed by the P400 S introduced in 1969 and the P400 SV which was introduced in 1971.

The Lamborghini Miura was an incredible success with 762 examples built throughout the seven years of production, with the final SV rolling off the production line on the 12th October 1973. Lamborghini built 275 Miura P400’s from 1966 – 1969 (with only 3 factory RHD cars), 347 Miura P400 S’ from 1968 – 1971 (with only 24 factory RHD cars) and 150 Miura P400 SV’s from 1971 – 1973 (with only ten factory RHD cars).


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  • Lamborghini Miura P400 S
  • 1970
  • Coupe
  • Manual
  • 64,303 km
  • 3,946cc

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