1969 Alfa Romeo Spider 1750 Veloce ‘boat tail’ restoration project


The Alfa Romeo story began in June 1910 when A.L.F.A (Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili) was founded in Milan, Italy. Their first car, the 24hp, was a great success and the Alfa name became synonymous with motor racing in the early years. In 1915 Nicola Romeo took over the company and during war time its focus was on military equipment, however, it wanted to build cars. Soon after the very first Alfa Romeo motor vehicle, the Torpedo 20-30hp, was built.

Through until the 1950’s Alfa Romeo was responsible for some of the most exclusive road cars and most successful race cars ever built. Following the Second World War the company was in financial difficulty and it decided a change in direction was necessary to survive, and rather than hand build luxury sporting cars it decided to focus on mass production. Hence, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint was born. Alfa got the formula right and as testament to the success of this model the car was in production for over a decade from 1954 through until 1965.

Throughout the 1950’s and 60’s Alfa built a number of different models including four door sedans, two door coupes and convertibles, however, regardless of model their cars always had a sporting edge. They were a ‘driver’s car’ first and foremost.

Launched in 1963 the Alfa Romeo 105 Series was introduced to replace the very successful 101 Series Giulietta. Designed by Bertone (Giorgetto Giugiaro) the shape was purely Alfa with many styling cues taken from the Alfa Romeo 2600 and 2000. The first model introduced was known as the Giulia Sprint GT which was powered by Alfa’s proven 1600cc engine. A convertible version known as the Giulia GTC and more powerful Giulia Sprint GT Veloce were subsequently introduced. Other standard models in the 105 Series range that evolved from 1965 were the 1750 GT Veloce, 2000 GT Veloce, GT 1300 Junior and GT 1600 Junior.

In 1966 Alfa Romeo introduced the Duetto, or simply the Spider as it became known, which was a great success and the model remained in production for three decades. The car evolved with technology over time and the engine capacity increased from the original 1600cc to 1750cc and ultimately 2000cc, however, the DNA of these fabulous little cars remained essentially the same.

Today the first generation ‘boat tail’ cars are most highly sought after and its unique ‘osso di seppia’ or ‘cuttlefish-bone’ design is one of Pininfarina’s finest.

Oldtimer Australia is delighted to confirm the sale of this 1969 Alfa Romeo Spider 1750 Veloce ‘boat tail’. The car has been in long term storage, looks to be essentially complete and is a fantastic restoration project.



  • -
  • Alfa Romeo Spider 1750 Veloce
  • 1969
  • Convertible
  • Manual
  • 69,256 miles
  • 1779cc


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