1959 Goggomobil Dart


G O GG O . . . but YES it is the Dart!

Hans Glas GMbH was a German automotive company that manufactured scooters and small cars. Whilst Glas did manufacture cars under his own name, his greatest name to fame was for the Goggomobil. Glas produced three models on the Goggomobil platform: the Goggomobil T sedan, the Goggomobil TS coupé, and the Goggomobil TL van. The engine was an air-cooled, two-stroke, two-cylinder unit originally displacing 250 cc, but later available in increased sizes of 300 cc and 400 cc. In period these little cars were a great success and 214,313 sedans, 66,511 coupés, and 3,667 Transporter vans and pickups were built from 1955 to 1969.

The Buckle family was a big name in the automotive industry in Australia from the late 1920’s when Bill Buckle Senior ran a number of prestigious dealerships in central Sydney. Buckle Senior died in 1947 causing Bill Buckle Junior to enter and take over the family business. Buckle Junior was quite the entrepreneur and in the early 1950’s he had a vision to build a small fibreglass bodied sports car in Australia. That plan lied dormant and Buckle struck a deal with Hans Glas to import Goggomobil rolling chassis’ into Australia and body the cars here to minimise taxes. So production commenced and thousands of Goggomobils were built in Australia. Buckle hadn’t forgotten about his vision to build a small fibreglass bodied sports car. He built a car carrying his own name, the Buckle Sports Coupe, however, it was not a success and only 20 cars were built from 1957 to 1959. He then had a watershed moment . . . his plan was simple . . . use the existing Goggomobil rolling chassis & mechanicals and cloth it with a lightweight sporty fiberglass body. The Goggomobil Dart was born!

It was certainly unique . . . no doors, ‘hinged’ seats that pull up and back to allow easier access and barely weather proof . . . but the Dart was a sensation gathering rave reviews in period. The car was designed in 1958 and it sold well when it finally went on sale in June 1959. In total circa 700 Goggomobil Darts were built when production finally ceased in September 1961. Today it is thought that perhaps only 100 survive making the Dart a very rare and collectible microcar in its own right, but more importantly it is a true icon of Australian motoring.

The Goggomobil brand gained great publicity through the Yellow Pages TV advertising in the 1990’s and in recent times the Dart has almost become a house hold name through Shannons advertising featuring a Dart.

Oldtimer Australia is delighted to offer a fully restored Goggomobil Dart. This particular car is fitted with the desirable 400cc engine boasting an impressive (maybe!) 20hp.

Little is known of this cars early history, however, it came from long term ownership in Victoria where the car was restored. It changed hands in June 2015 to join an eclectic mix of cars in a collection based near the Blue Mountains in Sydney. Earlier this year the Goggos new owner stumbled across an opportunity to fulfil a lifelong dream and acquire a Jaguar E-Type. For him to do this from a logistical view point he had to sell two cars. He decided to sell the last two cars he had purchased being a Lotus Europa and this Goggomobil Dart. Both these cars were acquired by Oldtimer Australia and are now offered for sale.

The car presents and drives fabulously. The colour combination of orange over white with a tan interior suits the car perfectly. The body is in excellent shape and the paint has the odd imperfection and blemish noticeable on closer inspection but overall it is really good. The interior is in very good condition and the car comes with the soft top and removable side curtains – which are very rare items indeed.

Mechanically the car starts on the button and it drives really well. Its most recent owner went through the car in the time he had it and replaced the shock absorbers, most of the lenses, the fuel tap and a number of other miscellaneous items.

There is a folder with loads of Goggomobil Dart information, numerous period car magazines and other literature.

Keep your Messerschmitts and BMW Isettas . . . this is one seriously cool car! Get it out on the road you feel like the Pied Piper!

Every serious collection of cars must have one of these!




  • -
  • Goggomobil Dart
  • 1959
  • Convertible
  • Manual
  • 30331 miles
  • 400 cc


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