1958 Messerschmitt KR201 Cabriolet


Coming soon to Oldtimer Australia is this very rare Australian delivered 1958 Messerschmitt KR201.

Only about 300 KR201’s were ever produced and it is understood only 34 of those were delivered new to Australia.

This particular example is a real time capsule. It had been in the same family for 40 years before the current owner acquired the car in 2018. It is a very original car that is unrestored and still presents very well. Today the odometer reads 27,770 miles. The documentation on file confirms this is the original mileage from new.

The car comes with a good history file, a rattan basket, a spare wheel, tool roll, removable side screens, various spare parts including tyres and faux-snakeskin trim fabric. Also included is a trailer which has been specifically modified to allow safe and secure transport of this Messerschmitt.

More information and photos coming soon.

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Following the Second World War much of the Messerschmitt factory had been destroyed and the company was no longer allowed to manufacture aircraft. In order to survive they turned their hand to manufacturing other commodities including scooters. Fritz Fend, the designer and manufacturer of the Fend Flizer three-wheel invalid carriage, approached Messerschmitt with the ideas of building a kabinroller or “scooter” with a cabin.

This idea soon became reality and the Messerschmitt KR175 was born. Around, 15,000 cars were built before the KR175 evolved into the KR200 in 1955. Whilst a very similar car in many ways the KR200 had many improvements over its predecessor and it was a great success.

The KR200 was powered by a 191cc Fichtel & Sachs air cooled, single cylinder, two stroke engine positioned in front of the rear wheel, immediately behind the passenger’s seat. This provided a marginal increase in power from the KR175’s 174cc engine.

The aircraft inspired design is both very unique and very clever and the side opening canopy to allow access to and from the cabin is just brilliant!

Another unique feature of these little cars was that they had no reverse gear as such. By pushing and turning the ignition key (rather than just turning to start) in fact started the car with the engine running backwards. This meant the car could in theory travel as fast backwards as it could forwards!

In 1956 Messerschmitt was allowed to manufacture aircraft again and they lost interest in the microcars. Fend subsequently purchased Messerschmitt’s Regensburg works and the rights to continue to build the little cars. The cars were subsequently known as FMR Messerschmitts.

In 1957 the KR201 was introduced. The KR201 featured a frameless windscreen and an optional folding cloth roof with removable side curtains made from transparent plastic.

FMR also introduced a four-wheel version in 1958, the FRM TG500 which was powered by a 494cc two-cylinder two stroke engine.

In total some 40,000 Messerschmitt’s were built in ten years of production through until 1964.


  • -
  • Messerschmitt KR201
  • 1958
  • Cabrio
  • Manual
  • 27,771 miles
  • 191cc


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