1952 Frazer Nash Le Mans Replica ‘Replica’


The Frazer Nash story is a fascinating one. Founded in 1922 by Archibald Frazer-Nash, the company (Frazer Nash Limited and later AFN Limited) manufactured circa 400 cars between 1924 and 1939. The company was highly regarded in period for building very unique sporting cars and the ‘chain driven’ Frazer Nashs developed quite a cult following.

Interestingly in 1934 the company then became the importers (and assemblers) for BMW cars in the UK and the cars were sold as a Frazer Nash – BMWs. This lasted until the outbreak of the war in 1939 and it wasn’t until 1948 that Frazer Nash was again making cars. They introduced a car named the Frazer Nash High Speed or Competition, which was first shown at the Earls Court Motor Show in 1948.  The Aldington Family, who were the owners of Frazer Nash always believed in racing their cars to demonstrate their performance and reliability.  This fact coupled with what motor cycle racer Norman Culpan saw at the Earls Court Motor Show in 1948, convinced him to order a car to be built which he would race at Le Mans in 1949. HJ Aldington was to be his co-driver and with AFN employees as his pit crew he took on all comers at the great race. The car ran fabulously and Culpan & Aldington finished third overall behind a Ferrari 166M driven by Luigi Chinetti and Peter Mitchell-Thomson and a Delage D6S-3L driven by Henri Louveau & Juan Jover. What makes the story more amazing is that Culpan, being a privateer, actually drove his car from his home in Yorkshire to Le Mans and back!

This race was to be the making of Frazer Nash at that time and they immediately renamed the Frazer Nash High Speed or Competition as Frazer Nash Le Mans Replica. This success generated significant interest in their cars and they were sold as both road and race cars with some 85 cars built between 1948 and 1957.

Other notable race results for Frazer Nash cars were wins at the 1951 Targa Florio, where a Frazer Nash Le Mans Replica driven by Franco Cortese was first and at the 1952 12 Hours of Sebring, where a Frazer Nash Le Mans Replica driven by Kulok & Grey was first.

According to marque experts, Crosthwaite & Gardner built somewhere between six and nine ‘replica’ Frazer Nash Le Mans Replicas in the late 1960’s and / or early 1970’s. These were a mix of completed cars and rolling chassis’.

It is understood that Werner Oswald acquired the business name ‘Frazer Nash Cars Limited’ in about 1990 and commenced the manufacture of what is now referred to as Frazer Nash Replica ’replicas’. The manufacture of ‘continuation cars’ or ‘recreations’ was a real fad of the 1980’s / early 1990’s with cars such as the Autokraft Cobra proving popular. Whilst there was significant interest in the Frazer Nash’s it is understood that only eleven Frazer Nash Replica ‘replicas’ were built by Werner Oswald in the early 1990’s.

We are delighted to offer one of the Frazer Nash Replica ‘replicas’ by Werner Oswald. According to the records this particular car is designated as WOK 8 and it was acquired new by Neville Webb who was very well known in Australian motoring circles as a restorer of marques such as Bentley, Alvis, Sunbeam and Lea Francis. Neville never completed the car and it passed to its current owner in 2005 who had to have the car painted and trimmed which was completed in quick time. The current owner has enjoyed the car since and has decided it is time for a new project and he has invited Oldtimer Australia to bring the car to market.

Finished in a shade of British racing green with a matching green leather interior the car presents fabulously today.  The paintwork, chrome, trim and the wheels are all in excellent condition as is the interior of the car. It’s what’s under the bonnet that makes this car really something. Powered by the iconic 6 cylinder 1971 cc Bristol BS1A engine with triple Solex carburettors it is a stunning engine bay. Fire her up and woahhhh what a noise! This car is an absolute delight to drive and it provides the ultimate ‘seat of the pants’ open top sports car adrenalin rush.

The car has been used sparingly, however, it does get used and it is often seen at classic car shows in south east Queensland. It has also competed at classic events such as Speed on Tweed, Noosa Hill Climb, Wheels on Wide Bay, Mount Cootha Sprint, Lakeside Raceway and the Melbourne Grand Prix. 

This car was built as a replica of ‘Car 22’ that was raced in period by Sir Stirling Moss. A fabulous part of this cars history was that it was invited to attend and participate in the 50th  Anniversary Celebrations of the 1956 Australian Grand Prix held at the Fosters Australian Grand Prix from 30th March – 2nd April 2006. This was a tribute to Sir Stirling Moss who won the 1956 race in a Maserati 250F. This was quite something for the current owner who has vivid and fond memories of the event. To quote him:

 “ . . .  Standing by my pride and joy I looked up to see Sir Stirling and Lady Suzie (call me Suzie she said) and heard him say, My, what a lovely car! I asked him if he would sign the sides for me, and just happened to have a white marker handy. He most graciously agreed and there it was for posterity, together with the number 22 which he used on his Frazer Nash in 1952, when racing in British Empire Trophy race. The car is a true replica of that car from 1952. “

Within the last twelve months or so the car has been fitted with new Blockley tyres, had a power brake booster fitted, new shock absorbers fitted, the rear axle seal replaced and been serviced.

Given the value of the original Frazer Nash Le Mans Replicas has soared, this car presents a unique opportunity in the market place.



  • -
  • Frazer Nash Le Mans Replica 'Replica'
  • 1952
  • Roadster
  • Manual
  • 34283 miles
  • 1971cc


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