1951 Allard J2 (Cadillac)


The famed “Gelignite” Jack Murray J2 Cad Allard.  Bought new in Jan 51 by Murray from Gardiner’s Motor Service Sydney, Australia who fitted a competition Cadillac 331 engine.Murray was the Peter Brock of his day, a successful rally & race driver, adventurer, sportsman and businessman. Murray used the car rarely and only in NSW races. This Allard is perhaps the most successful Allard in Australia of the six J2’s sold new in Australia and the only Cadillac powered example in Australia.  Murray became involved in running the Jack Parker D Type Jaguar and sold the Allard to friend and neighbour John William (Bill) Firth in Feb 1957.

Firth ran the car on the street and in Club events, sprints and hillclimbs. In his hands the car ran 12 second 1/4 at Castlereagh in the early 60’s.  The car remained in the Firth family for 54 years and has travelled some 23,654 miles since new. It has been rarely seen in public during that time. Barn find is the modern buzz word for these kind of cars but given the car was much loved in all that time we call it a garage find & given its race history a great one.

Race history

Easter Bathurst 1951, Dnf

October 1951, Bathurst, 6th

Australian Grand Prix, Bathurst 1952, 4th place

Australian Grand Prix, Southport, 1954, Dnf

South Pacific Championship 1955.Orange,

Firth an x WW11 pilot fitted MG TC screen, soft top and side curtains for road use. He was interested in performance and later fitted a GMC 6-71 supercharger with two four barrel Carter carburetors. In 1973 it was taken off the road and stored.

In 1995 Bill Firth’s Brother Jim took over the car and commenced a restoration on the low mileage car. It was completed in 1998. The Cadillac engine is fitted with its original Edmunds custom inlet manifold with two Carter carbs and Mallory ignition.  Car comes with spares package which includes the Supercharged Cadillac engine.


  • Allard J2
  • 1951
  • Roadster
  • Manual
  • 23,654
  • 331 CI


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