1951 AC Roadster “Special”


The history of the AC car company dates back to the turn of the twentieth century and the coming together of talented design engineer John Weller and businessman John Portwine, however, it wasn’t until 1904 that AC produced its first car.

Many English car companies of that period came and went, however, AC was an exception and it soon developed a strong reputation for producing relatively powerful well built high quality cars.

AC Cars had great success up until the late 1920’s, however, the great depression took its toll and the business ultimately fell into receivership in 1929. With new financial backing the company was reborn and once again was producing cars, until the second world war when it shifted its focus to supporting the war effort manufacturing fire engines, weaponry and aircraft components. It was at this time that the idea for the AC Two-Litre saloon was mooted.

It took some time for the idea to become reality and in 1947 the first AC Two Litre Saloon was built.

The car was a great success and in total 1286 chassis were built from 1947 – 1956, the majority of which were built with the sporty two door saloon body. The heart of the AC Two-Litre Saloon was AC’s own 6 cylinder 1991cc engine that with triple SU carburettors pumped out a healthy 74hp.

We are pleased to offer a very unique AC Roadster “Special”. This particular car, being chassis number EL1667, was built in 1951 and sold new in New Zealand.

Its early history is unknown, however, it found its way to Australia and was acquired by Oldtimer Australia back in 2003 at which time the car was in need of work. It was sold to its current owner who decided to convert the car into a Roadster “Special”, commissioning world renowned coach builder Mark Nugent in Dubbo to build a body for the car. Interestingly an ash-frame used for building Jaguar SS-100 replicas was used as a base for the body.

The car was comprehensively restored and the AC engine was rebuilt. The engine, which is number UMB1668W, is confirmed in Leo Archibald’s book – AC Two-Litre Saloons & Buckland Sports Cars as being original to the car.

The restoration was completed in 2008 and the final touch was to fit period wire wheels. The end result is a fabulous looking car that is great fun to drive.

AC Cars developed its reputation through its sports cars of the 1950’s and 1960’s the Ace, Aceca and Greyhound and subsequently its association with Carroll Shelby and the legendary Cobras, however, the AC Two-Litre Saloon was a great car in period and is now recognised by collectors and enthusiasts alike.

A unique opportunity.


  • AC Roadster
  • 1951
  • Roadster
  • Manual
  • 00600 miles
  • 1991cc


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