1929 Alfa Romeo 6C1750 SS Zagato


The pre war 6C and 8C Alfa Romeos are amongst the most desirable and sought-after sports racing cars ever built. These cars embody everything one would expect of an Italian thoroughbred from that era. They were an engineering masterpiece and the heart and soul of each and every one ever built was the magnificent Vittorio Jano designed engine.

There were numerous variants of these cars built on different chassis, with many different body styles and mechanical configurations. The sports versions were incredibly fast to drive and had a very successful race history in period.

The 1750 was produced in six series and became more sophisticated during its evolution from 1929 to 1933. It is believed that circa 2500 cars were built and they became the quintessential model for both the amateur and professional drivers in the day. Available in several configurations, most cars were sold as rolling chassis and bodied by coachbuilders such as Zagato, Touring and James Young.

We are delighted to offer a 1929 Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 that has recently been restored to SS Zagato specifications by marque experts in Melbourne.

The known history of this particular car dates back to the early 1960’s when the car was discovered in California in the USA. The car passed through a number of owners in the USA before being offered for sale at Coys Auction in London in 1988. The car did not sell at auction, however, it was sold soon after to a well known Australian car collector. The car was involved in an accident whilst still in the UK and the chassis, body and engine were separated and ended up in different countries across the globe. The chassis was sent to Australia and was sold in circa 2006 to another prominent Australian car collector who planned to restore the car. Due to other restoration projects taking precedent progress was slow and the car was sold to the current owner as ‘a project’ in 2008.

The new owner immediately engaged the services of Melbourne based Historic & Vintage who have painstakingly and meticulously restored the car over a four year period.

The body fitted to the car was manufactured by local coach builder Mark Rye. Interestingly the body was commissioned by the late Dianna Gaze for the Mrs Jones Alfa and was acquired by the current owner for this car.

The restoration was completed in mid last year and the car was exhibited at Motorclassica 2012. Whilst the car looks fabulous it is even more engaging to drive and it has been used, recently completing a successful rally in Tasmania were it performed impeccably.

The car is restored, fully sorted and ready to enjoy. A unique opportunity.


  • Alfa Romeo 6C1750 SS Zagato
  • 1929
  • Sports
  • Manual
  • 01194 km
  • 1752 cc

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