1924 Rolls Royce Springfield Silver Ghost


The car is chassis number S64LK, with engine number 22643 and bodynumber WC914. The pickwick style coachwork was completed by Willoughby & Co and features four individual seats, two fold down occasional seats, footrail, wind down glass division, megaphone, handstraps & compendiums, complete with extendable cigar lighter and roller blinds complete the fitout to the rear cabin.

It is one of the relatively rare right hand drive examples built at the Rolls Royce factory in Springfield Massachusetts in the USA. S64LK is understood to be one of the last 25 cars built with two wheel brakes, and right hand drive. The Americans then converted to a 4 wheel brakes, three speed gearbox and left hand drive.
The car was completed in December 1924 and delivered to its first owners, the Swindells family, on the 6th August 1925. Interestingly in 1925 Mr F Swindells of Rockville Connecticut ordered two cars – one for himself and another for his wife. Both were to be chauffeur driven. S64LK was chosen as the car for Mrs Swindells and as it was to be used mainly around town and it had a very low geared diff fitted. The car remained Mrs Swindells personal transport from 1925 till 1933. Following the passing of Mr & Mrs Swindells the car was kept in storage by the family for many years. The car was eventually sold to a gentleman in North Hampton who, shortly afterwards, decided to part with it and it was purchased by a Mr Ron McLeod of Bridgeman Downs in Brisbane, Australia. This was circa 1989 and Ron arranged for Wolf Grodd and Joe Wilson of world renowned restoration company Sleeping Beauties to refurbish the car.

In 1997 Dr John Matheson of Sydney, Australia acquired S64LK and used it on a number of intentional rallies. Firstly in 1998 it was entered in the Monte Carlo Voitures Anciennes Rallye (it won 3rd place overall and 2nd place for originality in the Concours d’Elegance), then in 1999 the Silver Ghost Association Tour of South Africa and finally in 2000 the Silver Ghost Association Tour of the south island of New Zealand.

In 2006 John decided to part with the car and the current owners became the next proud custodians of S64LK.

S64LK has very low mileage for a Silver Ghost. The useage is documented and confirmed by the Swindells family. It has travelled in 90 years a total of circa 60,000 miles. Interestingly the only ‘real drivers’ of the car were Mrs Swindells (or at least her chauffer!) and Dr Matheson. The rest of the time she has relaxed in storage or in current ownership used sparingly for Rolls Royce club events and social outings.

The current condition of the car can only be described as excellent and its condition certainly belies a car that was restored some twenty five years ago. The paint, bright work and trim are all excellent as is the interior. The car is regularly serviced by a local Rolls Royce specialist and it has just had its radiator rebuilt. So mechanically SHD30 is ready to use. It is pertinent to note that with the low ratio diff the car’s optimum cruising speed is 45 mph.

The car starts easily and and out on the open road the car performs as it should. The engine pulls strongly and the car handles and stops efficiently. Everything works as it should, including the vacuum windscreen wiper. The car is very original except for the flashing turn indicators which have been discreetly fitted into the existing lights for modern day safety.

This 1924 Springfield Silver Ghost is one of three Rolls Royce motor cars from the owner’s collection being offered for sale. It is time for SHD30 to find its sixth keeper.


  • Rolls Royce Springfield Silver Ghost
  • 1924
  • Sedan
  • Manual
  • 54650 miles


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