1980 Porsche 924 Turbo


The evolution of the Porsche 911 is probably the greatest sports car story of all time. First introduced in 1963 at the Frankfurt Motor Show, and then designated as a 901, the successor to the 356 took the world by storm. To avoid conflict with Peugeot who claimed exclusive rights to car names with three digits having a ‘zero’ in the middle the car was renamed as 911. The first production 911’s were built in 1964 and were powered by an air cooled 1991cc 6 cylinder engine. Some 55 years later Porsche are still building the iconic 911 which is quite incredible!

Back in the early 1970’s Porsche were looking at options to replace the 911. Sales were in decline and it was viewed that the 911 was nearing the end of its development. Porsche were thinking their new car should be a grand tourer, combining the creature comforts of a luxury saloon car with those of a true sports car. What ultimately evolved was the radical Porsche 928. Development was slow and the 928 didn’t enter production until 1978.

In parallel to the 928 project, Porsche was also very keen to build a sporting car that could be built in reasonable volume, that was affordable but it still had the DNA of Porsche. In essence they wanted a new model to replace the 914. The 914 was a collaboration between Porsche and Volkswagen and it was intended their new car be developed the same way. Changes at Volkswagen resulted in them withdrawing from the project so Porsche purchased the rights to the car and ultimately the 924 was born. The 924 was revolutionary for Porsche as it was their first front engined, rear wheel drive production car. It was also offered with an automatic transmission. The 924 entered production in 1976 and even though the motoring press of the day were hard on the car (claiming its performance was not that of a real Porsche!) the car was an outstanding success selling very well all over the world. Just over 120,000 924’s were built from 1976 – 1985 before being replaced by the 924S which was built for a further three years with another c 16,500 cars built.

Following on from the early success of the 930 Turbo, Porsche decided to build a turbocharged version of the 924, with this model offering the level of performance many 924 customers were craving. In fact the 924 Turbo was a very successful car in its own right with just over 11,500 cars built from 1979 – 1983.

Oldtimer Australia is delighted to offer for sale a 1980 Porsche 924 Turbo. This particular car has its Australian compliance plate stamped as January 1980 making it a very early example and most likely one of the very first cars built. The car is confirmed by Porsche as ‘matching numbers’ and it is finished in the timeless colour combination of white with a black interior. Porsche has confirmed the car was delivered new with the following options: 261 (passenger side mirror flat, electrically adjustable and heatable) 398 (driver side mirror flat, electrically adjustable and heatable) and 425 (rear window wiper).

The car is understood to have been sold new in Sydney and the current owner acquired it from a long term owner there some twelve months ago. This 924 Turbo joined a significant Porsche collection, however, the owner has had a change of direction with his car collecting and as a result, it is now offered for sale.

This 924 Turbo is incredibly original and it presents and drives really well for a car that is almost 40 years old! The paint is generally very good and it has a good depth of colour. There is the odd blemish or stone chip evident. The glass is good and the lenses, exterior trim, badges and decals are all intact and in good condition. Some of the anodised ‘black’ mouldings are showing some wear, but their appearance does not really detract from the presentation of the car. One of the features of the 924 Turbo is the unique lattice style wheels which are in really good shape. Inside the car is pretty fabulous! It is very clean and tidy with all of the upholstery, door cards and trim all in very good to excellent condition with no rips or tears and minimal signs of wear. All of the instruments and controls are also in very good condition and well presented. The gear lever shows some wear and like most of these cars the top of the dash has slightly deteriorated, but it is not cracked. The cigarette lighter is missing. This car is fitted with a rear privacy screen that remains like new, which is again a testament as to how this car has been looked after.

The car starts easily and it drives really well. It pulls strongly through the gears and gives you a decent push back in the seat when the Turbo kicks in. The gearbox is good and the car handles, steers and stops as you would expect. It was last serviced June 2017, in Sydney.

Today the odometer reads 71,130 km.

Accompanying the car is an original owner’s manual in its original pouch and jack kit.

This is a unique opportunity to find such an original and well-kept Porsche 924 Turbo.

Price: AUD $39,950.




  • $39,950
  • Porsche 924 Turbo
  • 1980
  • Coupe
  • Manual
  • 71130 km
  • 1984 cc

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